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Tout sur le livre : The chinese satchel

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Laurent de Kersaintgilly
Raphaëlle Choël
Date de sortie : 15-10-2016

Format Kindle 85 pages
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Cat. : Santé

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15 March 2004, 8.50 AM.

“Good morning, Raphaëlle. It is Muriel de Kersaintgilly, Laurent’s mother. I am calling you to tell you that my son had a ski accident. It is serious, extremely serious; he is in a coma. There is only one thing you can do for him: pray. Please, do pray for him…”

Many long and straining years have passed since Laurent woke up from the coma. It has been an intense decade marked and paced by intensive care to start with, then by a painful rehabilitation, and lastly by a phase of re-learning the basic skills required to live as normal a life as possible.

With three joined hands (two for Raphaëlle, one for Laurent), we want to share this life story with you, through testimonies and anecdotes that reveal courage and determination. It is also the story of a man with his weaknesses, the hardships, and the moments of doubt. A real life journey, which found a soothing echo in faith. We would also like to talk about coaching here, because without even knowing, Laurent demonstrated strong skills for self-coaching and coaching other people.

“We want to tell you the key moments Laurent went through; often hard and moving, sometimes funny, and always driven by a fighting spirit: the coma, the rehabilitation, the return to the workplace, the difficulty of confronting reality, the relationships with others, the encounters and exchanges, the way people looked at him, the long and challenging task of rebuilding an identity, and most importantly, we want to insist on Laurent’s supremely mighty will to remain fully Alive.”

“The Chinese satchel” is a lively and constructive story, full of examples and anecdotes, that shed light on humanity, resilience, and the hidden, unknown strengths one finds when facing adversity. There is no complacency, not caricature here. Only a genuine account of what makes this man have unwaivering trust in Life and in people, and an infectious ability to marvel at everything: Laurent chose to make it a life principle.
This is an astounding and touching testimony, that blossoms into a truly inspirational message of hope.